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TripleCrown Cannabis

We’re a Washington State I-502 Cannabis Producer/ Processor, and we love what we do.

How we Grow

Our growers are on-site 24/7, maintaining the quality of our marijuana. It starts with top quality strains or seeds, the correct medium, the best natural fertilizers, chlorine free water, and clean, filtered ocean air.  We  combine CO2 and the combination of flushing our rooms with fresh ocean air.

Where we Grow

Our flowers are ocean grown in Humptulips, Hoquiam, Wa.  Grown indoors, our flowers love the fresh ocean air they breathe, and spring well water they drink.  Our location, growers’ techniques, and knowledge helps to produce some of the smoothest and most beautiful cannabis in Washington.

We take natural seriously

We grow our plants with the end user in mind.

All of the products we use on our plants are approved by the Washington State Department of Agriculture for use on Cannabis.

The harvest

Once the terpenes and plants are near peaking, we start the cleansing and water flushing period. This purging cleans the plants during their final stages in the growing cycle. This results in a strong and clean flower that’s ready for harvest.


Pronounced “TUR-peens,” are what give cannabis its distinctive taste and smell.

The Cure

We take the time to cure our buds to perfection. Each step makes a difference. We vine dry, hand trim, glass cure, grade, and select only our finest buds. We then hand weigh and gently place them into glass jars.

cannabis drying on the vine

Vine Dried

Why? Hanging the plants upside down aids in ripening the buds. As the bud dries, water and nutrients contained in the stem slowly wicks into the bud. The temperature and humidity is closely monitored and controlled to slow the process. The slow drying process results in a sweeter smell and better tasting buds.

trimming marijuana by hand

Hand Trimmed

Why? When buds are hand trimmed, less resin is knocked off the flowers and greater potency, flavor and aromas remain. It takes trained and skilled trimmers who take their time and special care to trim the flowers to maintain the quality of the bud.

buds curing in glass jars

Glass Cured

Why? Because a proper cure breaks down the chlorophyll in cannabis, producing a smoother and better tasting smoke. Giving bacteria time to break down the remaining chlorophyll in the plant matter. Chlorophyll contains magnesium which, when burnt, causes the smoke to be sharp and harsh.